About Us

LESOP (PVT) LTD is a 100% Zimbabwean owned company registered in May 2009 and immediately commenced operations, working directly with the client and as a Sub Contractor.

Our services are tailored in a holistic approach whereby we do not only provide our customers with a one-off service but rather a complete working relationship. LESOP (Pvt) Ltd aims to constantly demonstrate a fair and equitable business policy. We believe that we owe it to our staff and shareholders to ensure that we maintain the highest service skills in order to offer our clientele the best possible service; Implementing and maintaining a good track record strategy to enhance this quality.


LESOP strives to become a leading provider in its field and acknowledges that only through the highest level of commitment to providing the best quality service at the best price; this goal can be achieved and maintained.


To be a pioneering provider in the construction industry for small medium and large organisations as well as the domestic market around Zimbabwe.

To provide efficient and reliable services of the highest standards at all times as well as implementing all SAFETY rules and regulations at all times in the industry.

To understand our customer needs precisely and ensure that we meet them.


To provide the best possible services and value to our customers at all times.

To continually strive improving our overall service experience and customer satisfaction.
To take every opportunity and show appreciation for doing business with our customers.


Integrity -   the ability to work honestly and having strong moral principles.

Creativity – the ability of our Lesop staff to makes connections between seemingly unrelated problems and to generate solutions.
Teamwork –the willingness of our Lesop staff to work together to achieve a common goal or aim.